Visit and Service visas fall under the category of Tourist Visa when you apply Dubai visa, however, the validity and the period of stay for both these visas differ from the regular tourist visa.

Once you apply the Dubai visa application with all your documents submitted correctly – It takes 4 working days for issuance of your Dubai E- visa.

Security deposit signifies the amount that is paid by residents of other countries, which will be refunded after you leave the UAE. An amount of USD 272.5 is charged as a security deposit when you apply Dubai visa excluding taxes.

You cannot apply for a long term or residency visa through this system when you apply Dubai visa. You can contact the DNR (Dubai Naturalization and Residency Dept.) department for more details.

Yes, you need to apply Dubai visa for each of these cases. You can apply for up to two visas for an itinerary through this system. When you apply Dubai visa, each visa application includes a different procedure – When you complete your first visa application, start again for your subsequent visa. Then again if your schedule allows, you may likewise choose a multiple entry visa.

Even if your application is successful, your fees will not be refunded by the UAE authorities once you apply Dubai visa. But, In case, the security deposit is submitted by you, within four international working days, you will get the refunded amount.

UAE authorities don’t depict reasons in case your Dubai visa application gets rejected.