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When you apply Dubai Business visa, duration, fees, and validity of work visas and validity of work visas are subject to terms in the employment contract.

48-hour Transit Visa:
a. Can only be provided by airlines
This type of visa is available only if the applicant has an onward itinerary from DXB (Dubai International Airport) to any 3rd Destination and not immediately returning to the origin.
b. Stay Period: 48 hours from the entry time.
c. Validity: 30 days from the date of issue until entry to the UAE
d. Visa Fees: 0.0 USD; Service fees of 21.12 USD is applicable.
e. Entry: Single Entry

96-hour Transit Visa
a. Stay Period: 96 Hours from the entry time.
b. Validity: 30 days
c. Visa Fees: 15 USD
d. Entry: Single Entry

Apply Dubai Tourist Visa

Just for Indian nationals with a Visit visa or a Green card issued by the USA, or Indian Nationals with Home Visa issued by the UK/EU are qualified for visa on arrival. Other Indian Residents require a prearranged UAE visa.

Stay Period: 30 Days

Validity: 58 days from the date of issue until the passage to the UAE, extendable twice for 30 days each

Visa Fees: 70 USD

Entry: Single Entry

Dubai Visa

Visit Visa: Apply Dubai Visa Online

a. Stay Period: 90 Days
b. Validity: 60 days from the date of issue until entry to the UAE
c. Visa Fees: 166 USD
d. Entry: Single Entry

Service Visa: Apply Dubai Visa Online

a. Stay Period: 14 Days
b. Validity: 60 days from the date of issue until entry to the UAE
c. Fees: 96.23 USD
d. Entry: Single Entry

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Documents Required

Dubai Business Visa Requirements

To apply Dubai visa online, please fulfill the visa requirements mentioned below.
1. Passport
You are required to carry your original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the day of arrival in Dubai.
You are required to provide the color-scanned copy of the initial and last pages of your passport ( for Indian passport holders.)

2. Two colored photographs
Any morphed or cropped passport-sized photographs or black and white copies will be rejected. Photo specifications provided below

3. Cover letter
Applicants need to issue a letter, where both the purpose of visit and duration of the stay is mentioned
Note: In the case of females who are traveling alone: A NOC must be issued by father or husband.

4. Proof of Hotel Reservation

5. Income Tax Return
You are required to provide both original and photocopy of the same

6. PAN Card
You are required to provide both original and photocopy of the same

7. Cover Letter
An introductory letter issued from the organization expressing the name of the candidate and the term remain and purpose behind visiting Dubai for business.

8. Invitation Letter
The invitation must furnish the details of the business (seminar, conference, etc.) and should be issued by the host company in Dubai.

Apply Dubai Visa – Photo Specifications

The photograph size should be of 45.0 mm x 35.0 mm in dimensions
The face must cover 70% of the photograph that is 32.0 mm x 36.0 mm
Face orientation should be frontal
The background of the photo should be white with no frames and shadows
No photos with hats, masks, are permitted.

Dubai Visa

· Visa – 
A valid visa for (or evidence of travel too) UAE, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or a Schengen country may be shown.

· Financial Documents – 
If a visa to any of the aforementioned countries is not procurable, documents that show that you have investments (or local income tax papers showing an annual income of) USD 8000 or more must be produced.

· Non-Mandatory Documents – 
These include an observation page in the passport (if any), or a child endorsed page (if any), to support your case. This must be attached in the Non-Mandatory Documents field.

Process for Visa

The process for the visa is divided into 4 simple steps below.

Step 1: Book Online
The first thing to do is to visit the web portal and register your credentials and enter your specified requirements. Once you complete, pay the requisite fees according to your requirements which is payable by online means. This marks the end of the first step.

Step 2: Documents Validation
After you pay the fees, the second step starts with validating your documents. A visa expert will pay a visit to your place of residence to collect your documents. This step covers your document verification. After the successful completion of your document verification, the visa expert will collect your documents from your home.

Step 3: Visa Processing
The third step is important where all the visa formalities are done. It involves scheduling your visa interview and submitting your biometric requirements

Step 4: Delivery
After the successful processing of your visa, the visa expert will deliver the passport at your place of residence. Excited?

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