About us

Every idea starts with a problem – a never-ending problem that inspires one to set a lofty objective with a rebellious spirit. Our story is simple: Applying for a visa manually to getting it delivered has its share of hassles. Our goal is to increase the chances of visa approvals for our clients.

That’s when this online visa service underdog opened its window for the first time. Apply Dubai Visa was founded in 2020 to become India’s & truly online visa application platform for business, tourist and transit visas.

So, you must be wondering – How does it make the difference?

Apply Dubai Visa emerges to be an online platform that offers end-to-end guidance at all stages of the visa application process starting at your home for document collection to delivering your passport right at your doorstep.

We provide comprehensive scenario-based solutions for our clients that cover,

  • Relevant & reliable visa-related information.
  • Hassle-free is the word that defines our motto which starts right from our client’s home.
  • Reduce uncertainties and frustrations that arise in dealing with travel agents.
  • Safety. Security and Confidentiality and Ownership.


Setting the Vibe Across the Industry –

At Apply Dubai Visa, we create – thrust. We believe in working together as a catalyst every day to speed up the visa application process until you get your visa approved.

Keeping The Promise – The Values We Foster

Delivering blended visa experiences for Indian passport holders, Apply Dubai Visa lays a strong foundation with Integrity, Ethics, and Diversity as our core values.

Now that you know our story – Apply Your Dubai Visa Befikr!